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What we do?

Security sector online courses

Elearning you actually want to do! Key Learnings embedded in 10 min episodes of a drama series with assessment modules following each episode.

Streamlined solutions for the security sector that places learning deeper, keeps it in place longer and ensures it is more readily accessible when you need it most.

We hope you find something of value and interest for you and your people. All of us here at Critical Cinema look forward to making a difference in your world.

Access Anywhere

Your people can access our hi-tech content anywhere in the world, any time, online or off-line. We are a web application and secure global video platform that delivers learning straight to your learner.

Proven Effective

Our proven methodology increases learning effectiveness. Robust clinical trials demonstrated that linking learning to emotional or personal engagement renders the key learning points 9 times more durable and 14 times more readily accessible when you need them most.

Auditable Analytics Reporting

Measure progress, engagement, ROI, Profile your entire organisation with minimal admin and fast set-up time.

State of the art

We employ exclusive, state of the art, emotionally engaging film-based learning techniques. We are an accelerated learning resource library.

Cost Effective

You benefit from the most cost effective training solution available in our field. High volume low cost model ensures costs per head are kept to a minimum whilst organisational value and return on investment remain unusually high. We pay for the film you just buy the tickets.

Ultimately controllable

Fully controllable, white labelled management dashboard for your own analytics, messaging, invoicing and enrolment.

HD Quality Filmed Drama

Inspirational, cutting edge and concise learning. All films are professionally produced in HD and continuously updated against changes in government policy and global events.

Action packed

Scale to suit requirement

All levels of expertise

Post production customisation

Fine tuned learning objectives

Engaging content

Corporate branding and deep customisation

With years of experience in film production, learning design and development industry Critical Cinema pride ourselves on creating unique, creative and quality scenarios that are developed for the modern workforce. All productions are built from the ground up with professional actors and cinematic directors.

Our recent works
Projects for our clients

In-depth content

Modular training films.

Delegates absorb knowledge best when they are emotionally engaged and can relate to the learning.

Our training film modules use realistic dramatised scenarios with believable characters who are dealing with real issues that every manager or staff member will recognise.

Our extraordinary learning is designed by subject matter experts who are not only recognised as global thought leaders in their subjects but who also have expertise acquired from extensive experi nce in the field. This ensures that that the training film modules deliver targeted, up-to date learning clearly, powerfully and effectively across an IT network that places the learning directly into end users' pockets for self-study or self-directed learning.

Interactive assessments follow each episode to verify learnings.

Critical Cinema is unique in the field of Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery in terms of bringing about long lasting behavioural change to teams, managers and workforces.

Access from anywhere

Your delegates can access the content from any connected device.

Behaviour engineering

Change behaviours of your delegates to revert to training when there is a crisis.

Targeted content

With a wide array of training content, there is something for everyone.

Absolute control

Administer your learning content as you want; how you want.

Specialists in our field

01.Brian 'Mitch' Mitchell (BSc. Hons.)- CEO

Founder and independent producer/director who has worked with major Hollywood studios and created interactive, filmed and live training events as Head of Film and AV at Britain's most established Learning and Development company, MaST International.

As Managing Director of CrisisCast Limited, a specialist training company that offers psychologically trained roleplay actors and specialist film makers for emerging security needs internationally, he operates with film crews in hostile environments in West Africa and the Middle East as well as supplying theatre-based crisis management and disaster recovery training to Government and private sector entities around the world.

He is an affiliate of the Business Continuity Institute.

National security clearance details available.

02.Francesca Hunt (MA Hons.) - Co-founder, MD

Oxford PPE graduate and Bristol Old Vic and Moscow Arts Theatre trained actor. Education and Script Lead - in charge of learning design, and sourcing of key expertise within the Security Sector. Regular real world justice experience with high level security clearance. Regular real-world criminal justice experience with enhanced DBS (previously CRB) clearance. Trained in offshore survival and safety for the oil and gas industry. Understands politics on both global and local scales and is a strong debater and fierce defender of rights.

03.Mick Massey (Senior Consultant)

Following a 32 year career in the London Fire Brigade, during which he experienced many major incidents including the London IRA bombings, the Iranian Embassy siege, the Clapham, Southall and Paddington rail crashes, the Hackney siege, 7/7 and Buncefield, Mick has undertaken a wide variety of consultation work in both private and public sectors, including developing the Enhanced Command Support Units for the New Dimension Project and designing and delivering Command and Control training to a variety of prominent organisations.

Mick, MD of Hanover Associates, is an experienced trainer, skilled in presenting to large and small groups at all levels and has spoken at major conferences. He is currently providing expert consultancy in Incident Management and Business Continuity for Government departments that require the highest level of national security clearance.

04.Chris Phillips (GCGI,FCiiSCM,FSyl)

A highly motivated former senior police officer with particular expertise in Counter Terrorism (CT) strategy, protective security, CT training, risk assessment and quality assurance. He has significant experience risk and crisis management training with an enviable reputation for delivery at both an operational and strategic level.

Chris is a highly experienced Police Security Co-ordinator (SECCO). He co-ordinated the Counter Terrorist security for visits to the UK from foreign governments and dignitaries. His specialism however is in the field of strategic Counter terrorism advice and best practice.

As Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris had three major responsibilities within the United Kingdom to protect crowded places, the critical national Infrastructure and hazardous sites.

Chris appears regularly as a subject expert and analyst on television in the UK and around the world.

05.Stephen Bailey

Stephen has produced and managed hundreds of hours of live and filmed events For the BBC, LWT, ITV and Sky.

His unequaled experience, gained managing film and events with audience sizes of up to 80,000, brings us the unique ability to produce films shot in challenging locations. Having worked with Lloyds TSB Group, BBC, IN and Sky he is also no stranger to the creative thinking requirements posed by tight budgets requiring high production values.

06.Other Specialists

Learning Resilience

Resilient Staff

Learning through filmed drama provides a quicker, more effective training course for your staff. Dual Coding theory, proven through robust clinical trials, demonstrates that when both visual and verbal info are used...

Resilient Organisation

Reduce risk and costs. Your organisation will be more resilient and risks will be significantly reduced by organisation wide training.


Respond to Refresh

In a crisis revert to training. make it memorable, make it accessible, make it immediate.

Align your workforce

Box-Set episodic training encourages organisation wide learning, alignment of key values and encourages water cooler type conversations across your whole organisation.

Learning from Hindsight

Learning from experience is one of the most durable and impactful ways of learning. We follow the widely accepted training maxim that positive learning acquired at a moment of emotional engagement will be significantly more durable and much more efficiently retrieved . Role play provided by expert role players gives your team the opportunity to maximise new skills and personal insights by putting theory into practice in a safe, consistent and accurate learning environment - rather than in the live business arena where untested experiments can be costly!

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