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Our teams of unparalleled global subject matter experts, award winning film makers, actors and writers all work to deliver a streamlined solution that places incident management learning deeper, keeps it there for longer and ensures it is more readily and speedily accessible in an emergency than any other form of Business Continuity teaching.
We hope you find something of value and interest for you and your people.  All of us here at Critical Cinema look forward to making a difference in your world.

  • Access Anywhere

    Your people can access our hi-tech distribution platform, anywhere in the world, at anytime, online or offline - we are a web application and secure global video platform that delivers learning straight to your learner.

  • State of the Art

    We employ exclusive, state of the art, emotionally engaging film-based learning techniques. We are an accelerated learning resource library.

  • Analytics Reporting

    Measure progress, engagement and ROI. Profile your entire organisation with minimal admin and fast set-up time.

  • HD Quality Video

    Inspirational, cutting edge and concise learning. All films are professionally produced in HD and continuously updated against changes in government policy or global events.

  • Cost Effective

    You benefit from the most cost effective training solution available in our field - from only £15 per person.

  • Ultimately Controllable

    Fully controllable, white labelled management dashboard for your own analytics, messaging, invoicing and enrolment.

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Modular Training Films

Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery

Modular Training Films

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  • Security

    Threat and risk awareness and assessment, particularly dynamic risk assessment, is a core element of all the SIA licensing courses. There are a number of pieces of legislation that require a security officer, his or her employer, or the client to conduct a threat and risk assessments in all situations. These films help management teams to understand how to carry out various assessments and how to deal with critical responses that might be required by information brought to light in the assessments.

  • Safety

    Health and safety laws apply to all businesses and all organisations. Your enterprise needs to take the right precautions to reduce the risks of workplace dangers and to provide a safe working environment for your workforce. This suite of films looks at practical steps to protect people from harm and safeguard growth.

  • Risk and Crisis Management

    An introduction to risks and threats and an examination of the impacts of threats to an organisation. Understand the importance of evaluating risks and consider how their effects might be mitigated with this suite of captivating films.

  • Business Continuity

    Examine why Business Continuity Management is important and look at best practice standards and guidelines. Consider what should be the objectives of the Business Continuity Plan and what information should feed into it.

  • Resilience

    Protective security and resilience involves those policies, procedures, guidelines and cultural alignment that are required to ensure that personnel, physical assets and information are protected from unauthorised access, abuse, or loss. We look at every aspect of essential corporate resilience in easy bite size film modules.

  • Critical Decision Making

    Focus on the importance of decision making and time management in order to reconcile conflicting priorities, manage strategic information and ignore extraneous details. This film-based course will give you greater confidence that a crisis can be contained.

  • Emergency Planning

    An organisation should have plans in place to deal with disruptions that can reasonably be anticipated. Equally, having the right culture and structures embedded will place the organisation in a much stronger position to manage unanticipated events. A clear and captivating film based course that covers the essentials of Emergency Planning.

  • Hostile Environments

    Over the last decade terrorist threats have changed significantly. This course places terror in its historical context, provides a clearer understanding of the potential threats facing an organisation and gives clear instruction on how to put a number of effective preventative measures in place to reduce overall risk.

  • Media Management

    Media training in response to a crisis is chiefly about bad news and nothing can alter that. However, damage can be contained and perhaps turned to some advantage by showing that, even in adversity, you and your company behaved responsibly, ethically, and sympathetically. This training delivers added value with real-case examples that form a ‘tool kit’ with universally applicable presentation skills, crowd management advice and tips for using and benefiting from the evolving social media landscape.

  • The Law

    During any cross-examination, the lawyer tries to undermine or impeach the witness's credibility. The lawyer attempts to show that the witness is not reliable. He or she might also try to show that the witness is biased or prejudiced toward a party in the case. Understanding how lawyers present evidence and elicit statements is an essential aspect of being prepared for any requirement to attend a hearing.

An extensive library of material

Modular Training Films

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1 Modular Training Films

Modular Training Films

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2 Modular Training Films

Modular Training Films

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3 Modular Training Films

Modular Training Films

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4 Modular Training Films

Modular Training Films

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In-Depth Content

Delegates absorb knowledge best when they are emotionally engaged and can relate to the learning.  

Our training film modules use realistic dramatised scenarios with believable characters who are dealing with real issues that every manager or staff member will recognise.

Critical Cinema is currently producing the first slate of 360 high production training films for Incident Management and Disaster Recovery.

Our extraordinary learning is designed by subject matter experts who are not only recognised as global thought leaders in their subjects but who also have expertise acquired from extensive experience in the field.  This ensures that that the training film modules deliver targeted, up-to-date learning clearly, powerfully and effectively across an IT network that places the learning directly into end users' pockets for self-study or self-directed learning.

Critical Cinema is unique in the field of Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery in terms of bringing about long lasting behavioural change to teams, managers and workforces.


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An extensive, in-depth library of films that cover all the critical areas of an incident and engage learners on an emotional level to improve insights and accelerate responses.


Multi device platform so that your staff can choose how and when they learn. Fast access emergency response mode and offline applications for hazardous environments.


To Respond



Learning through video is proven to be more efficient. It's called the 'dual-coding theory'. When both visual and verbal information is used to simultaneously present information, both info-streams are processed differently through separate neurotransmitter channels. This is proven to allow learners to store, act and retrieve information faster and more efficiently (Sternberg).


Reduce costs, risk and expensive overheads. Every area of incident  management is addressed in short sharp training modules for self-directed learning or facilitated classroom teaching. Your staff will be expertly tutored in multiple response procedures and recovery thought processes to protect your business.


To Refresh



Video actively engages the viewer to anticipate and predict upcoming events. Critical Cinema's modular training films provide learners' brains with a practice run at all the threats and challenges presented in a given scenario. Our dramatised scenarios are edited to remove audio dead space, increasing playback speed compared to written information, giving the mind little time to wander or get distracted.


With written material, learners tend to read ahead, causing them to see and hear different points at the same time, reducing retention. We combine emotionally compelling scenarios with key, on-screen learning graphics to increase retention.


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On a professional level, continuous learning is about further expanding skill-sets in response to a changing, sometimes hostile environment and new, unexpected developments in the world around us. This is very important because we are all increasingly called to respond to emergencies large and small on a daily basis.


Accessible globally, our ever expanding library of films enables continuous learning for your people, supporting the constant expansion of skills and skill-sets through experiential learning and increasing knowledge.


In all our fields



BSc (hons). Founder and independent producer/director who has worked with major Hollywood studios and created interactive, filmed and live training events as Head of Film and AV at Britain’s most established Learning and Development company, MaST International.

As Managing Director of CrisisCast Limited, a specialist training company that offers psychologically trained roleplay actors and specialist film makers for emerging security needs internationally, he operates with film crews in hostile environments in West Africa and the Middle East as well as supplying theatre-based crisis management and disaster recovery training to Government and private sector entities around the world.

He is an affiliate of the Business Continuity Institute.

National security clearance details available.

Chris Phillips



A highly motivated former senior police officer with particular expertise in Counter Terrorism (CT) strategy, protective security, CT training, risk assessment and quality assurance. He has significant experience of risk and crisis management training with an enviable reputation for delivery at both an operational and strategic level.

Chris is a highly experienced Police Security Co-ordinator (SECCO). He co-ordinated the Counter Terrorist security for visits to the UK from foreign governments and dignitaries. His specialism however is in the field of strategic Counter terrorism advice and best practice.

As Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris had three major responsibilities within the United Kingdom to protect crowded places, the critical national Infrastructure and hazardous sites.

Chris appears regularly as a subject expert and analyst on television in the UK and around the world.


In all our fields



Following a 32 year career in the London Fire Brigade, during which he experienced many major incidents including the London IRA bombings, the Iranian Embassy siege, the Clapham, Southall and Paddington rail crashes, the Hackney siege, 7/7 and Buncefield, Mick has undertaken a wide variety of consultation work in both private and public sectors, including developing the Enhanced Command Support Units for the New Dimension Project and designing and delivering Command and Control training to a variety of prominent organisations.

Mick, MD of Hanover Associates, is an experienced trainer, skilled in presenting to large and small groups at all levels and has spoken at major conferences. He is currently providing expert consultancy in Incident Management and Business Continuity for Government departments that require the highest level of national security clearance.

Francesca Hunt

MA (Hons)

MA (Hons)

Oxford PPE graduate and Bristol Old Vic and Moscow Arts Theatre trained actor. Regular real-world criminal justice experience with enhanced DBS (previously CRB) clearance. Trained in offshore survival and safety for the oil and gas industry. Understands politics on both global and local scales and is a strong debater and fierce defender of rights. Francesca heads up casting and coordinates the acting teams.


In all our fields



Critical Cinema is fortunate to be working with individuals who, at board level, connect directly to some of the most influential corporations to have emerged in the UK over the last decade.  With Jules Hydleman‘s experience at building successful growth strategies for entities such as Innocent, and Michael Aldridge and Aldridge Wealth facilitating Critical Cinema’s cornerstone funding  along with  Sir Rod Aldridge himself bringing vast experience through his Capita understanding of global outsourcing and with Doug Mitchell, producer of feature films that have generated in excess of 2 billion dollars at box office, advising on the productions we are a unique proposition in the training arena.


In all our fields



Stephen has produced and managed hundreds of hours of live and filmed events For the BBC, LWT, ITV and Sky.

His unequaled experience, gained managing film and events with audience sizes of up to 80,000, brings us the unique ability to produce films shot in challenging locations.  Having worked with Lloyds TSB Group, BBC, ITV and Sky he is also no stranger to the creative thinking requirements posed by tight budgets requiring high production values.


In all our fields
  • Chris Phillips GCGI FSYL

    Chris’s specialism is in the field of strategic Counter terrorism advice and best practice. The protection of Crowded Places within the UK and to reduce the vulnerability of British nationals overseas from the terrorist threat to crowded places and soft targets was one of his main functions. Chris is also well versed in protecting hazardous sites and dangerous substances. His team worked with the business community to make the terrorist acquisition of weapons more difficult, there-by reducing the likelihood of a successful attack on the UK. He has experience of the importance of business continuity planning, supporting the CPNI to Protect the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure and instigated Project ARGUS, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office training initiative, exploring ways to aid in preventing, handling and recovering from a terrorist attack, which is internationally renowned. Chris was responsible for training, accrediting, tasking and co-ordinating over 250 Counter Terrorism Security Advisers across the UK.

  • Kevin Arbuthnot QFSM, DMS, MPhil, FIFireE

    Kevin Arbuthnot led the research and development of the UK’s Incident Command System, initially in West Yorkshire, but then introduced the system first to the Chief Fire Officers’ Association, and thereafter, via the “Safe Person Concept Working Group” to the remainder of the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services. This was consolidated by the publication of the Fire Service Manual, Operations, Vol 2, Incident Command, all three editions of which he co-wrote and edited. He serves as a UK Expert on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Technical committee TC 223, Societal Security, Working Group WG3, “Command, Control, Co-ordination and Co-operation”, and also the mirror BSI committee SSM/1.

  • Gordon Macmillan GIFireE

    Gordon has extensive experience of local, national and international operations, functional command and major projects. He is now a guest speaker at national and international conferences in Sweden, Denmark and the UK. He has taken part in EU Civil Protection Mechanism deployments to Serbia, China, Moldova, Georgia and Taiwan. In 2010 Gordon was the Programme Manager for Exercise Orion, a European Union co-financed UK based civil protection urban search and rescue exercise. It involved 9 countries and observers from 50 countries responding to over 40 simultaneous major incidents around England.

  • Bill Gough QFSM, MSc, DMS, FIFireE

    With a degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster management and over 42 years Fire Service experience, Bill’s aim, having established such a broad repertoire, is to ensure this unrivalled expertise contributes to the skill and knowledge of others. He is passionate about first responder safety, making the application of Dynamic Risk assessment the subject of his Masters Dissertation, and firefighter injury the topic of a research project funded by the Fire Service Research and Training Trust. His time in the Fire and Rescue Service was spent mainly in the operational arena where his management knowledge, skill and experience was developed around the safety critical areas of emergency preparedness; critical event investigation; and safety audit and review. Bill specialised in the preparation of response plans, review of incident command, operational performance and post event investigation.

  • Ian Prescott MEd, Adv Dip Ed, Cert Ed, FIfL

    Ian is a highly experienced and qualified Risk and Crisis management trainer, facilitator and training developer with a proven track record over the last fifteen years in designing and delivering specialist subjects at all levels. The broader experience gained as a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for thirty years presents an articulate, mature, dependable and trustworthy individual offering excellent communication and listening skills. A consummate professional who possesses the mental agility to think at a strategic level and work methodically through complex tasks whilst maintaining an eye for detail.

  • Dave Whiting MSc MIFireE MICPEM

    A highly successful strategic leader with proven and extensive experience of joint analysis, planning, training and response to address a range of threats. Highly effective in the role of organisational audit and review and using the results to achieve genuine service improvement and deliver positive outcomes. Accustomed to working at executive, strategic and tactical levels, with outstanding communication skills and the ability to motivate others, David is well practiced in managing complex threats to people, property and reputation and managing specialist teams with national and international responsibilities.

  • Carl Dakin QGM MSc MSyI

    An experienced, professional and conscientious Security, Business Continuity and Safety Manager and trainer with a proven track record which extends over a period of 25 years within 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), the Parachute Regiment and the commercial sector. He has an MSc in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management and is an experienced trainer.

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